Hardwood Floor Shopping and Installations for Elmwood Park, NJ

No matter what style you like, hardwood floors can suit your needs.

Find the Ideal Wood Flooring for Your Property

Property owners need flooring that's attractive and stands up to wear, which makes hardwood an excellent choice. With Floor Coverings International ® of Elmwood Park, we offer a vast array of options to suit your taste and lifestyle. We carry a line of hardwood floors, which include light and deep hues that help achieve the desired atmosphere for your Elmwood Park home. No matter if you want a less expensive option or want to invest in your home with higher quality wood, we are a manufacturer-direct company who can meet your needs and expectations.

How Can I Tell If Hardwood Floors Will Look Good in My Home?

If you have never lived in a home with hardwood flooring, it can be tricky to decide if it's the best for your home. Luckily, our Mobile Flooring Showroom ® allows you to see how hardwood looks in your home. Our teams provide you with several of possibilities and answer any questions you have, which removes the stress out of shopping.

Find Out About the Joys of Wood Floors

  • Our hardwood flooring come in an array of hues and kinds of wood including walnut, oak, maple and more.
  • The relationships we maintain with manufacturers allows us to offer our customers quality products that we back wholeheartedly.
  • Our hardwood floors installations are executed to the highest standards of quality and are sure to retain their beauty well into the future.
  • Wood flooring is sleek and requires simple upkeep to continue looking nice.

Browse Our Hardwood Gallery

By doing a little research in advance, you'll already have a solid idea of what you want prior to consulting with our Design Associates Review our gallery of fine hardwood floors and see the full range of options available.

Read More About Hardwood Flooring

The list goes on as to why so many property owners like to have hardwood floors installed in their homes in Elmwood Park, NJ. No matter if it's the classic look you want to achieve, you are excited for something new or you like easy maintenance, we have options for you at Floor Coverings International ®. Wood floors will definitely add to your home's design and make it a more inviting space. Additionally, many homebuyers look for homes that have hardwood floors. So if you're looking to add resale value to your house, then you can take advantage of this option.

Hardwood flooring can be swept, mopped or wiped down with wood-only cleaners, vacuumed or steam cleaned, so you can see it's pretty simple to maintain. Since they're so easy to clean, many pet owners prefer hardwood floors. Almost everyone likes the look and easy maintenance of hardwood flooring.

No matter what species of hardwood floors you decide on, you will have a product that is sturdy and will stand up to the wear and abuse of everyday living. When hardwood floors are properly maintained, they can last for many years, even decades. You won't even have to worry about scratches because they create a beautiful patina as your flooring ages, and since the majority of hardwood floors can be refinished, you can extend the lifespan of your flooring. While hardwood floors may have a more expensive price tag upfront, the long lifespan paired with the minimal maintenance equals out in the end.

We Make Shopping for Hardwood Flooring in Elmwood Park, NJ, Easy

Our Design Associates Come to You

We make shopping simple by coming to you in Elmwood Park, NJ. Our Mobile Flooring Showroom ® allows you to browse our inventory from the convenience of your residence, and experience first-hand how different types of hardwood flooring look and feel. This way you will have peace of mind with your choice.

Our method includes:

  • Design Consultation
  • Expert Guidance to Choose Flooring
  • Receive Complete and Accurate Proposal
  • Flexible Buying Options for Every Budget
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Request A Complimentary Consultation

Schedule your complimentary consultation with our team for a time that fits into your schedule.

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In-Home Mobile Flooring Showroom ®

Our Design Associates meet with you in the convenience of your own home and review the details of your flooring project.

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Flooring Installation

We have factory-trained professional flooring experts who install your new flooring.

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Post Installation Follow-up

We return to your property to evaluate the performance of your floor as part of our follow-up process.

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Learn More About Getting New Hardwood Floors in Your Home Today

Reach out to Floor Coverings International ® today and meet with a team member about what it takes to have new hardwood floors installed in your Elmwood Park, NJ, home. Our team is eager to work with you and review any flooring options you are interested in.